Essential benefits of MCT Oil

27 Apr

The medium chain triglycerides which are popularly referred to as the MCT oils are a group of fats found in certain oils and dairy products and are a dietary supplement that exists in a wide range of plants such as coconut and palm kernel as well. The oils have gained prominence in the contemporary world for a variety of reasons and in several fields for several uses such as weight loss, boosting endurance during work, enhancement of the ability to think and treatment of dementia among many others.

The oils sit in between two other types of oils and are of medium length with several carbons ranging from six to twelve in number. Found in coconut oils, the MCT oils are processed by the human body to give the long chain fatty acids that are essential to the body for a variety of reasons as well. Unlike all the other types of oils, the MCT oils move direct from the gut to the liver from which they are used as sources of energy for use by the body or converted to ketones which refer to the substances produced when the liver breaks down fats in excessively which are used as energy sources instead of sugars and glucose.

There are several benefits of the MCT oils which make them so popular and widespread across the world such as those discussed below.

Enhanced brain functionality and memory

MCT may be converted into ketones which are used by the brain for energy production instead of glucose or sugar. By the uptake of the ketones by the brain, it helps to keep the brain active and the memory at its best especially among people suffering from the Alzheimer's disease.

Energy boosters and enhanced endurance
The oils are broken down by the liver after which they are used for a couple of uses which are converted to ketones which are used by the brain and as energy sources in the place for sugar and glucose. It is the energy produced that enables the individual to endure more pressure and tension without the body wearing out.

Weight loss and management
Obesity and being overweight occurs due to an excessive intake of calories and unhealthy fats. The MCT oils being healthy fats are broken down and used as sources of energy which reduces the body's demand for more food. The oils also lead to the production of hormones that not only minimize appetite but also make the individual full all the time which minimizes the amount of food taken hence reduced weight. To know more, click here!

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